Friday, 9 April 2010


'So shall I open another bottle of the '73?' asked Cyril.

'No, I'm OK thanks,'replied Captain Bill. 'Was I, was I really that bad as a captain?'

Cyril thought for a while.

'You were rubbish!' he said at last,'But considering the alternatives you'd still get my vote!'

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill,'unfortunately it's not votes that count! I need a signed certifflicate!'

'Really?' replied Cyril,'you should have said, I've got a box of them laying around here somewhere!'

'No a proper one,' said Captain Bill.'Anyway, thanks for letting me stay for a while!' he added.

'No problem,' replied Cyril,'with any luck Bertha will be past the major shouty stage by the weekend.'

'I'll still have to face her though!' said Captain Bill.

'Your problem,' replied Cyril,'if you don't mind me saying so, is that you worry too much.'

'You don't seem to worry about anything!' said Captain Bill.

'Well,' replied Cyril,'I like to know where my next 15 meals are coming from and then there's the grass harvest...but apart from that not really. You see the thing about tomorrow is, it's going to arrive whether you like it or best just enjoy it, that's my view.'

And with that he settled back into his hammock with a large slice of chocolate cake.

'Isn't,' asked Captain Bill,'isn't a hammock supposed to swing free of the ground?'

'Design fault!' muttered Cyril and he threw a bit of cake in Captain Bill's direction.


Orgo Cosmetics said...

This is so cute, I love it! And now I'm craving chocolate cake! Lol :)

Cute blog :)


Anonymous said...

Hehe! I like Cyril's point of view! Now, off to find that piece of chocolate cake you reminded me about! :)