Tuesday, 6 April 2010


'Well,'said Horace,'there are only a few crumbs left so he must have eaten it.'

'Oh, that's good news!' replied Norma,'I was worried he wouldn't touch it at all.'

Norma and Horace were back at the little hollow that Captain Bill had been laying in.

But Captain Bill wasn't there!

'I wonder where he's gone?' said Norma.

'Perhaps he's just popped off for a stroll,' replied Horace,'it's quite a nice day.'

'Hmm, possibly,' said Norma,'but I would like to be sure and after we've dragged this hamper all the way up here for him we can hardly just leave it and hope.'

And for a while they both stood and thought.

'Well,' said Horace after a while,'maybe as we have the hamper....and it's a nice day...well, we could always have a picnic...just the two of us...it might be nice.'

'THE ROPE MUSEUM!' shouted Norma,'why didn't I think of that first, that's where he'll be! I'm sorry,' she added,'you were saying something and I wasn't listening. It was very rude of me.'

'That's OK,' replied Horace,'it wasn't anything important.'

And so Norma and Horace and the hamper headed off towards the pier.

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Anonymous said...

aww, poor horace!