Wednesday, 28 April 2010

how to interpret a thunk

'Well I can't honestly say that I could see it,' said Norma,'but Annie assured me that it was there!'

'Really?' asked Captain Bill.

'Oh yes!' replied Norma,'and she said the net was quite heavy so it must have been a very good thunk indeed!'

'Right,' said Captain Bill,'and so this is what you were 'thunking'?'

'That's right,' replied Norma, 'Annie drew it up for me. I'm quite excited really because I think thunk it should work and that means that we can go. I mean I don't thunk...or think that the regulations are so tight for this sort of thing so we don't...need.....a....properly appointed.......Captain.....sorry!'

And Norma turned a bit pink.

'That's OK,' said Captain Bill,'but isn't it going to be a bit cramped?'

'But that's why it was such a good thunk,' replied Norma,'because I worked out a way of adding extra storage space.'

'It says 'hats''noted Captain Bill.

'Well it doesn't have to be for hats,' replied Norma,'you could put almost anything in there.'

'You're going to fill it full of hats aren't you?' said Captain Bill.

'No!' replied Norma,'....although it might be nice to take a couple of hats each...I'm sure Camille must have lots of hats.'

And Captain Bill conceded that she probably did.

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Gina said...

i really like you your style of cartooning. the cows are beyond cute.