Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Invitation

Norma and Captain Bill were taking a walk...there was a certain amount of discussion of recent events...

'I'm surprised I've got any hooves left at all!' said Captain Bill, not for the first time.

'But I'm sure you feel better for it!' replied Norma.

And Captain Bill just stopped and looked at Norma. He was about to say something when, rather unexpectedly, a large bird carrying a bag landed on a post next to him.

'Hello, hello! What's this?' said Captain Bill.

The bird took a letter from the bag and held it out towards them.

'It's a letter!' said Norma.

'Yesssssssssssssss?' replied Captain Bill,'bit odd! I thought our post normally arrived by fish?'

'Well perhaps he's on holiday?' replied Norma.

And Captain Bill just nodded and looked at the bird.

'Aren't you going to take it from him?' asked Norma.

'Hmmmm?' replied Captain Bill,'maybe!' and he leaned a bit closer to get a better look at the letter.'It's got one of those odd stamps on it!' he said 'Didn't we had one of those once before?'

Norma hurriedly pushed past him and took the envelope and smiled. Then with a flick of her horn she opened it and took out the letter and read aloud the first line...

'Dear Captaine Bile.....' it began.

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