Tuesday, 20 April 2010

knitting ships for pleasure and profit


Knitting's fun isn't it!

Mostly I like to knit things that people can wear, like hats or wardrobes or verrrrryyyyyy small mountains but sometimes it's just fun to be able to knit something a bit less practical.

Norma (my best friend) has asked me to knit some little ships for Captain/ Non Captain (take your pick) Eyepatch to play with. Is it his bath time? Search me!

Now I had a quick look for some patterns but there don't seem to be any (bit of a gap in the market there if you ask me). So I've let my imagination have a bit of a play. I'm rather pleased with my 3 mast armchair special but my fav so far is the giant tennis racket ship...for playing games of giant sea tennis (and who wouldn't want to have a go at that???).

Do you have a ship pattern that you really like? If so I'm prepared to feign interest if you'd like to post it to me.

Take care, hugs and cake!


*Today's 'o's were supplied by 'O O and O'. For all your O needs why not go to O O and O!


Morrgan said...

Hahaha, excellent! As a fellow knitter, I like your style, Annie! ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Orgo Cosmetics said...

Still wishing I knew how to knit....!