Monday, 19 April 2010

Oh knots!

'Now that surprises me!' said Norma.

'Me too!' replied Captain Bill.

'I had knot tying down as one of your strong points,' said Norma.

'Me too,' replied Captain Bill.

'I wonder why it didn't go better than it did?' asked Norma with a sigh.

'Perhaps it's this type of rope?' suggested Captain Bill, 'I could be allergic to it!'

'Can that happen?' asked Norma.

'I recon it must,' replied Captain Bill,'what other explanation could there be for me making such a mess of things?'

Deep inside Norma's head several other explanations, who were all eager to answer the question, put their hooves up and waved at her to attract her attention...but she decided that now was not the time.

'Perhaps,' she said,'we might be taking the wrong approach? Perhaps we need to work on other areas of your captainally abilities first.'

'Great!' replied Captain Bill,'.....which ones?'

And so Norma explained her idea while helping Captain Bill down to the ground.

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Great blog, its so cute! : D