Friday, 23 April 2010

A Poem for Bees


There are little bees
That wander by
That buzzer by
And zubber by
That often make
Me wonder why
I walk upon the ground

They zwizzer by
And fizzer by
They seem to have
Such fun that I
Will simply have to
Learn to fly
Above this silly ground

They zipper by
And whizzer by
Full of nectar
Sweet to try
From flowers that are
Swaying by
The buzzy wuzzy sound

But it's not fun
The bees all cry
Our little lives are
Passing by
And we are driven
Crazy by
Our zibby zubby sound

We stumble by
And tumble by
Working all day long
They sigh
So we can make
The honey
That we bottle
By the pound

So I'll no longer
Wisher by
That I could
Buzz and whizzer by
I clearly have things easy
I shall stay upon the ground!

Thank you



Anonymous said...

*does rapturous applause for horace*
brilliant nooopoem :)

Michael Lantz said...

That was one beautiful poem.I love poetry.