Monday, 26 April 2010

A problem of getting there!

'Well of course I want to go,' said Bertha,'everyone will want to go, but I don't see how we can get there!'

'But we have to find a way!' replied Norma,'Camille has been so kind to invite us and her little students will be looking forward to it and we could treat it as a holiday and have such a fun time.'

'I know,' said Bertha,'but without a proper Captain we can't go sailing that far. I mean we could get away with sailing once around the island, but not a voyage on the high seas.'

'Perhaps we could hire a Captain?' suggested Norma, but Bertha pointed out that that would cost money...which they didn't have.

So for a while Norma and Bertha stood in silence.

Then they had a lay down in silence.

Then they stood up again.

'Any ideas?' asked Norma.

'No!' replied Bertha,'I can't think of anything!'

And that's when Norma had a thought...about thinking!

Or was it a think about thoughting?

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