Wednesday, 21 April 2010


'Exercise????' mooed Captain Bill.

'Yes!' said Norma,'it's good for you and it'll make you feel better about yourself.'

'But I'm quite happy with myself already!' replied Captain Bill,'mostly.'

'Then it's the 'mostly' that we need to work on,' said Norma,'and I'm sure it'll help you in lots of other ways. It'll be good for concentration and coordination and alertness and so, so much more!'

Captain Bill looked from Norma to Bertha and back to Norma again.

'Do we have to have?' and here he nodded slightly towards Bertha.

'Oh yes!' replied Norma and then she took off her t-shirt and headband and gave them to Captain Bill. 'Have a nice time and I'll look forward to seeing you when you get back.'

'WHAT!' said Captain Bill.

'I've got to get some ironing done,' replied Norma,'but Bertha will take care of you.'

And with that Norma hurried off into the distance.

'Thank you SO much!' called out Captain Bill after her.

Captain Bill looked at Bertha.

Bertha looked at Captain Bill....and then pointed to the slogan on her t-shirt.

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