Friday, 16 April 2010

Signs of Interest

'And so port is?' asked Norma.

'On the left?' suggested Captain Bill.

'Correct!' mooed Norma,'which means the starboard is?'

'On the right!' replied Captain Bill.

'Excellent!' said Norma,'that's 3 times out of 3. I really think you're starting to get the hang of it!'

'It's easier when you're not in a pressure situation, ' conceded Captain Bill.

'Indeed!' replied Norma,'now any questions?'

'What about starboliaboliboard?' asked Captain Bill.

'Sorry?' said Norma.

'Well if port is on the left and this new starboard thing is on the right, where have they put starboliarboliboard?'

Norma thought for a while.

'They've replaced it,' she said at last,'...with starboard.'

'Right!' replied Captain Bill,'I wonder why they didn't tell me? Well I think that just about clears it up. Port on the left, starboard on the right...and then when we change the clocks in the autumn...'

'No, no' interrupted Norma,'it stays the same all year round.'

'OK,' said Captain Bill, who didn't sound convinced,'what about when we're sailing Not North?'

'Still the same,' replied Norma,'and when it's night and before breakfast and after breakfast and when the sun is in your eyes and when you're in your cabin and when Bertha's shouting at's always the same!'

'I think I'd better write that down!' said Captain Bill,'and then maybe we could try a bit of practical work?'

And Norma promised that they could.

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