Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Thunk Time!


Now I know that someone yesterday was kind enough to suggest that this wouldn't be the best of ideas, but really when you need to have a really good thunk, there is nobody better to turn to than Annie. She's even made me up a bottle of 'thunking juice' to help the process!

So while I'm hanging here I thought it might just tell you a little more about what was in Ms Camille's letter or as Annie put it 'recap on the plot'.

It seems that Ms Camille's little students have been invited to take part in a top notch competition (with lots of lovely prizes) and she thought it would be nice if we were there to give them some support and also because it's taking place on the beach we could have a holiday at the same time. But because Captain Bill has failed his emergency Captainy review thing we can't go sailing the Pickled Heifer or the Mootilus so we don't seem to have a way of getting there, so I'm hanging upside down in the hope that I'll have a thunk and that Geraldine will catch it in her net!

There, that seems so much simpler now I've got it down on paper.

Anyhow, back to trying really hard to have a thinkie thunk.



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