Friday, 28 May 2010

And this is how you do it!

'So,' said George,'you put the stuff in.....somewhere and then you pull some buttons or press a lever or two or something like that and then all the snow comes out the top like!'

'Yes, yes!' replied Bertha,'I think we all get that but we can't fill the balloon full of snow.'

'Ah!' said George. 'Ah! Well that's where I've had an original think, cus if you don't put the.....what do you call it again?'

'The stuff?' suggested Bertha.

'Indeed!' replied George.'Have you used one of these things before?'

But Bertha said she hadn't.

'Anyway, if you don't put the stuff in and then if you press this 'ere button, which is marked 'emergency hot air not that you're ever going to need it because you're trying to make snow but we thought we'd fit one anyway' then you'd have hot air coming out the top bit!'

Bertha (and everyone else who was still there because several people had already wandered away) thought that this was a splendid idea.

'That's OK!' replied George. 'I knew it would come in handy some time....everything does in the end!'


Jeanette [Maisy] House said...

good grief! george is a genius after all!!

Steven Allender said...

You doubted him?