Tuesday, 4 May 2010

But what shall we do about Bill?

'But it just seems so sad,' mooed Norma,'I'm know he'd like to go really and I'm sure he'd enjoy it!'

Bertha looked at Norma.

'Well he'd enjoy it in his own way!' added Norma.

'Quite possibly,' replied Bertha,'but it's up to him to decide and as has been pointed out we don't actually need a captain if we're travelling like this.'

'But he'll be all on his own!' said Norma,'and Camille and her little students will miss him if he's not there.'

Bertha didn't bother to reply, instead she just tapped on the end of the spirit level and peered at the little bubble.

'Could you take the weight?' she asked Norma,'I think I'll have to shave a bit more off the end of this.'

And Norma said she could.

'Have you measured twice?' she asked.

And Bertha said she had.

'I'm sure he wants to come really!' said Norma as they lowered it down to the ground.

And Bertha just sighed very deeply.

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