Friday, 21 May 2010

Captain Bill scores a point!

'Hello!' said Norma.

'Whooooaaaoooo! What? Ha! Well, yes....'ello! It's all fine 'ere!' replied the man.

'Told you!' said Captain Bill with a smile, but Norma ignored him.

'I hope you don't mind us asking,' she continued, 'but do you live here?'

'Oh yes, yes.....yes, hmmmmm, yes, yes!' replied the man,'but sometimes,' he added,'sometimes I live......over there!' and with a trembling finger he pointed to an almost identical chair that stood a little way off.

'Well he's straight into my top ten!' said Captain Bill.

But Norma just gave Captain Bill a little kick.

'Could I just ask,' said Bertha,'is this a ship or an island?'

'Ah!' said the man,'welllllllll........yes.........I think it sort of started off, many years ago, as a ship.....but things have sort of added themselves.'

'Added themselves?' questioned Norma.

'Hmmmm,' replied the man,'it's what things have to keep an eye on things or they add themselves.....I think I've rather lost track of it all,' and for a moment he looked rather sad.

'We were wondering if you could help us?' said Norma.

'If I can,' replied the man.

So Norma explained their problem and the man said he thought he might have just the thing.

And the man's name turned out to be George...because I'm sure you were all wondering.

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