Monday, 17 May 2010

A drop in the ocean

'We're falling fast!' mooed Norma.

'Right,' said Captain Bill,'.......and we want to avoid that?'

'Of course!' replied Norma.

'OK!' said Captain Bill.'Right......right....decisive action needed....Horace....write us a poem, something heroic, they did their best, wonderful death etc, etc...but keep it short!'

And Horace started scribbling.

'What else?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well I don't think we'll actually die!' replied Norma.

'Oh!' said Captain Bill,'should I cancel the poem?'

'I've started now!' called out Horace.

'I just think we should all try to brace for the impact,' said Norma.

But just before they got around to doing that...

'Ship aho.....well? I think it's a ship? It's more a sort of ship island....sort of!' called out Bertha from above.

'Well is it a ship or an island?' asked Captain Bill.

But just for once in her life Bertha couldn't make up her mind.

But Norma aimed them towards it anyway.


Cindy said...

This is so cute!! I enjoy your stories as well as the illustrations.

Steven Allender said...

Many thanks! : )