Saturday, 29 May 2010

It's quicker by...

'Tin cans, hose, bits of tube, that sort of thing,' said Bertha.

'Right,' replied Horace.

'And then we can link them all together so that we can funnel the hot air from the machine to the balloon,' continued Bertha.

'OK,' replied Horace and then for a while he stood in silence and looked at the work that had already been done.

'It's going to be a bit tricky,' he said at last,'I think it might work better as a bit of prose.'

'Sorry?' asked Bertha.

'Well I'm just saying that I'm not sure that the subject really lends itself to poetry,' said Horace.

'But I'm not asking for a poem!' replied Bertha.

'But Norma said you wanted help?' said Horace.

'To make the tube!' replied Bertha,'I want you to have a look around and find some more cans and things.'

Horace looked at Bertha and then looked at the rubbish around them.

'But I'd get dirty!' he said.

And Bertha explained to Horace that he could get dirty on a voluntary basis or that he could get dirty by having Bertha assist him.

So Horace volunteered...and everybody had a splendid time...with the exception of Horace.

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