Monday, 3 May 2010

Knitty Stringy Stuff...Please Send!


We're knitting a 'thing'....for more information we're knitting a big 'thing'....which means that we need lots and lots...

...and lots...

of knitty stringy stuff.

I was just wondering if you might have a bit to spare? Perhaps a couple of tons fell behind the sofa and you've never bothered to rescue it....maybe you live next door to a knitty stringy factory and just happen to have a secret but rarely used tunnel which comes up just below the store room? If so and if you wouldn't mind popping down said secret tunnel and possibly risking a hefty prison sentence....could you send it on to 'Annie, I'm sure you know her, everybody does, she lives on an surrounded by wobbly water island' and I'll be happy to sign for it.

Many thanks

Take care


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