Tuesday, 18 May 2010


'Come back!' called out Captain Bill.

'Pardon?' said Norma.

'I said come back,' repeated Captain Bill,'look at the state of the place, we'll get the blame!'

'But I think it was like this before we landed,' replied Norma.

'It most certainly was!' mooed Bertha,'that's why I couldn't work out what it all was. The whole place wants a thorough clean and tidy!'

'It certainly is a strange place,' added Norma.

Captain Bill took a long look to left and right and then gingerly climbed out of the Mootilus.

'Just be careful where you put your hooves,' warned Norma and Captain Bill assured her that he would.

'Where are the others? he asked as he picked his way across a particularly difficult bit.

'They've gone on ahead,' replied Norma,'I've told Cyril to keep an eye on the other two.'

'Well with a bit of luck he won't sell them to the first person he meets then!' replied Captain Bill.

And having thought for a moment Norma decided it might be an idea if they hurried along and caught the others up.

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