Wednesday, 5 May 2010

No need to worry!

Morning all, just popping by to clear up a few things.

I'll be fine on my own, I know Norma worries but I'll be fine. I'm quite looking forward to it really. No life or death high pressure decisions, no being shouted at all the time.... no trying to remember port from starboliarboliboard....or whatever it's called these days?

Also I'd like to take the opportunity to remind you that the rope museum will be open as normal, so if you happen to be passing and feel like spending a day a one of the most exciting venues around, then I'll be here! I'm going to be doing afternoon teas as well, although my cake making isn't quite up to the standard of the ladies. The tea however will be excellent!

Finally a message from Norma who says that they've started the 'sewing up'? Your guess is as good as mine...or possibly better!

Right, things to do

Captain Bill


seababejewelry said...

I thought I might leave you a comment, so i did.

Steven Allender said...

A most excellent idea!

Dee's Kitchen and Bath said...

You are extremely talented, love your cows!