Wednesday, 19 May 2010

poor customer services?

'Well I think it's a nice shop!' mooed Annie,'they certainly do a very good range of hats!'

'They could do with some signs though,' said Horace,'I suspect it may take a long time to locate the poetry department....if they even have one?'

'At least we're not in the basement for once,' replied Annie and everyone agreed that that was a good thing.

'Seem a bit short of staff as well,' muttered Cyril a little while later.

'Perhaps somebody bought them?' replied Annie.

'Do people actually do that?' questioned Horace.

'All the time!' replied Annie.

'Has anybody seen any sort of food?' asked Cyril,'restaurant, snack bar, vending machine.......big notice saying 'free nibbles, all you can eat''.

But the others said they hadn't.

'Wait a moment!' said Horace,'is that someone calling?'

'No, that was my stomachs,' replied Cyril,'that's why I was asking about food.'

And so the 3 companions travelled on.

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