Saturday, 15 May 2010

The proper thing to do on an afternoon

'Now who still needs a slice?' asked Norma.

And Cyril raised a hoof.

Norma looked at Cyril and then pointed to the slice that was in front of him and the other that was balanced on his head.

'But I still NEED another!' said Cyril with a smile.

'Could I have a refill on my cup?' asked Captain Bill and he pushed it along towards Norma.

Norma refilled it and pushed it back.

'Why's my cake got no icing?' mooed Horace.

And Norma looked at Cyril.

'It could have been anyone!' said Cyril...with a smile.

'Mine had icing!' called down Bertha,'and it was very nice!'

'Thank you!' replied Norma.

'Norma,' said Annie, who was leaning over the side of the Mootilus,'I think Mr Wibbly Wobbly Water must be hungry!'

'Why's that?' asked Norma.

'Because he's coming up to meet us!' replied Annie.

Norma, Captain Bill, Cyril and Horace joined Annie in looking over the side of the ship.

'Oh crikey!' mooed Norma,'we're loosing height!'

And so they were.


Bigbluebed said...

Can I raise my hoof for cake pleasee.

Chameleonite said...

"Mr Wibbly Wobbly Water must be hungry!"

Do you think he might also be thirsty, what with all that salt?