Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ready for take off....again!

'Yes, right, yes, every thing's OK 'ere then!' said George.

'Yes,' agreed Norma,'and thank you so much for all your help.'

'No problem,' replied George.'Do you want another cup of tea before you leave?'

Several hooves were raised but Norma said they really aught to get going.

'Only we're behind schedule as it is,' called down Bertha.

So Norma and Captain Bill climbed into the balloon and the hose that was carrying the hot air was disconnected.

'Bye then,' said George and the balloon lifted slowly into the air.

'Well wasn't he a nice man!' said Norma as the floated higher.

'Weird!' replied Captain Bill.

'Not really,' said Norma.

'Was!' said Captain Bill.

'Well I didn't think so,' said Norma.

So Captain Bill called for a show of tails.

And Norma lost by five votes to one.

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