Friday, 7 May 2010

Something Familiar

Norma and Captain Bill stood and waited in the warm spring sunshine

'And you will take care of yourself?' said Norma, for the umpteenth time.

'Yes, of course,'replied Captain Bill,'I'll be fine! No problems here!'

'Well I'll send you a postcard as soon as we arrive.'

'Excellent!' replied Captain Bill,'I'll look forward to it.'

'I can't think where Bertha's got to?' said Norma after a while.

But at that very moment Bertha herded towards them carrying something familiar.

'That's my hat!' mooed Captain Bill.

'I know!' gasped Bertha.

'But I threw it away!'

'I know!' replied Bertha.

Norma looked at Captain Bill. 'Perhaps you could try it on?' she suggested.

'I'm...I'm not sure I want to!' replied Captain Bill.

Bertha herded closer to Captain Bill...very close...very, very close.

'Look Mister!' she began,'if you think I've just climbed halfway down a cliff to get your hat just so you could look at it you've got another thing IT ON!'

And so....he did!

'Now please get onboard,' said Bertha,'I've made us late enough already.'

So Captain Bill got onboard.

'That was very kind,' said Norma.

'Nonsense!' replied Bertha,'pure self interest. I couldn't possibly undertake such a long trip without someone to shout at.'

And with that Bertha and Norma climbed aboard....and they were off!

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