Saturday, 8 May 2010

Up, up and awwwaaaaayyyyyyyy!

'Are we too high? I think we might be too high! I wouldn't want us to go too high! Do you think we're too high?'......said Captain Bill.

'But we've only just taken off,' replied Norma. 'We've got to go a lot higher than this!'

'Really?' said Captain Bill,'...........I'm not sure I can approve of that. Do you think we're too high?'

'Look,' said Norma,'Camille's letter made it very clear that we need to get up high.'

'Hmmmm,' said Captain Bill,'I don't see why that should be true....unless that's where they put the road signs? They can be very odd sometimes, these foreign types!'

'I think it just makes us go faster,' replied Norma,'but I really don't know for sure, I'm not an expert in these matters!'

'Well I still think we're too high!' said Captain Bill.

But Norma didn't bother replying.

'Can I do the ants joke?' asked Annie.

And Norma said she could.

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baahar said...

Hilarious picture !!

I love how the teapot cozy pattern turned out for them :)