Thursday, 20 May 2010

The view from above

'And now,' said Captain Bill,'for your enjoyment, on the piano!'

'Thank you so much!' replied Norma.

'Can you see anyone?' asked Bertha.

'Not at the moment,' replied Norma.

And for a while everyone was silent while Norma did more looking.

'I don't understand why you want to find someone anyway,' said Captain Bill eventually,'they'll only be weird!'

'Because there must be somebody in charge!' replied Bertha.

'And they might be able to help us,' added Norma.

'They'll be weird!' repeated Captain Bill,'they always are!'

'That's a bit unfair!' replied Norma.

'True though!' said Captain Bill.

'Ah!' said Norma,'I think I've spotted someone!'

And so Bertha helped Norma to get down off the piano and they all headed off towards the 'someone'.

'Weird!' said Captain Bill as they herded along.

'Not weird!' replied Norma.

'Weird!' said Captain Bill.

'Not weird!' replied Norma.

'Weird!' coughed Captain Bill.

'Not weird!' whispered Norma

And so it went on........

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