Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Whatchamacallit

'Well it's no wonder you couldn't remember where you'd left it!' said Captain Bill.

'Yes,' replied George,'it got itself hidden away good and proper but I tracked it down in the end!'

Bertha, Norma, Captai...,well everybody, stood and looked at the machine that George had uncovered.

'What exactly is it?' asked Bertha as she herded closer to it.

'Well,' replied George,'it's one of them there, you know, things, like a whatchamacallit....a....'

'......Jensens Mark IIIV Superior Snow Making Machine!' read out Bertha from a sign that was on the side of it.

'That's it!' said George with some relief.

'You could make an awful lot of snow with it!' said Norma.

'Yes,' replied George,'I hadn't thought of it before but I suppose you could.'

'And this is going to help us is it?' said Captain Bill.

'I was 'oping so,' replied George and he went on to explain his idea.....

....which was really rather a good one!

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Anonymous said...

You have a very unique blog and it just makes me laugh! Thank you!