Thursday, 6 May 2010

Where to put it all?

'Oh, that looks interesting!' said Norma.

'It's an old dandelion brandy,' replied Cyril,'I thought it might be worth taking.'

'I'm sure it will be,' replied Norma,'and all of this is just for the journey?'

'That's right,' replied Cyril,'I believe the main selection has already been loaded.'

'OK,' said Norma,'well I may have to take the bottles out of the case. I think it might be easier to fit them around the third group of emergency travelling fruit cakes. Just leave it with me and I'll sort it out the best I can.'

'Excellent,' replied Cyril,'....has anybody done a quality check on the cakes?'

'They'll be fine!' mooed Norma. 'Next please!'

And Horace trotted forward.

'It's just this,' he said and passed over a satchel full of different papers and pencils and a small roll of parchment.

'Right oh!' said Norma,'I'll try to make sure you can get to them at all times.'

'Wonderful!' replied Horace.'I hope you don't mind but I was going to ask if there was any chance of going via a couple of publishers? I'd be quite happy to work out a revised route.'

But Norma said she didn't think there was enough time for them to go very far out of their way.

'Oh!' said Horace and he wandered off down the side of the hill.

And Norma looked around for somebody to help her to pack...

....and found herself very alone.

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