Thursday, 13 May 2010

X marks the spot!

'Hang on!' mooed Norma,'I'll move it across a bit so you can see.'

So she did...and Captain Bill looked closely at the roll of paper that Norma had draped over the edge of the Mootilus.

'And this is what Camille sent?' asked Captain Bill.

'Sort of,' replied Norma,'it was more a set of instructions, but I thought it would be better to have a map.'

'There's not much on it!' said Captain Bill.

'That's because we've only just started!' replied Norma,'look, up here is Cow Island...and then down in this corner is where we need to go to and then we just fill in the bits in between as we go along.'

'Right,' said Captain Bill,'so what have you put on so far?'

'Well,' replied Norma, pointing to a bit near the top,'that's where Horace dropped his pencil and then that's where you felt a bit sick and then that's where Horace and Cyril had an argument and that's where you and Bertha had an argument and that's where I shouted at Cyril!'

'So where are we now?' asked Captain Bill.

'Hang on and I'll put it on,' replied Norma and she wrote 'Norma explains map to Captain Bill'.

Captain Bill picked up the map and read what Norma had written and looked at the view below.

'So now we know exactly where we are!' he said.

And Norma agreed that they did.

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