Monday, 14 June 2010


'Adventure?' mooed Captain Bill,'why do we have to start referring to it as an adventure?'

'Oh! It's definitely an adventure!' replied Bertha.

'Definitely!' agreed Norma.

'Just because Ms Camille's a bit late?'

Bertha and Norma said that that was enough.

'Couldn't she just have got the dates mixed up?' asked Captain Bill.

Bertha and Norma looked at each other and then at Captain Bill.

'Well it's possible!' said Captain Bill.

'Not....a......chance!' replied Norma.

'We know an adventure when we see one!' added Bertha.

'So what do you propose that we do now that we're 'in an adventure'?' asked Captain Bill.

'Gather intelligence,' replied Bertha.

'We've already sent out two top undercover agents,' said Norma.

'Top?' questioned Captain Bill.

And even Norma was forced to concede that that was pushing it a bit.

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