Saturday, 5 June 2010


'Down a bit,' called out Captain Bill,'down a bit more, up a bit, there that's it!'

And Horace scratched a bit of Captain Bill's back.

'Well if you've sorted out your itch?' said Norma.'Perhaps you could lend a hoof in landing the balloon!'

'It looks a very nice island,' mooed Bertha.

'Yes,' replied Norma,'and I'm sure it must be the right place, what with all the flags and bunting!'

'There are people!' said Horace.

'Correct!' replied Norma.

'Will they explode if we touch them?' asked Annie.

But Norma assured her that they wouldn't.

'What if we poke them with pointy sticks?' asked Annie.

'Probably best if you don't try,' said Norma. 'Now if we could all just concentrate on landing safely.'

'Would you like to take charge?' asked Captain Bill.

But on reflection Norma decided that she'd manage.

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