Monday, 7 June 2010

Bunting love!


It's that you? I shall assume that it is....if you are someone different then that's probably OK as well!

We've arrived!

At a somewhere!

So far it seems a very friendly place....the bunting has already fallen in love with me. No matter where I go it just leaps out and wraps itself around me. The same sort of thing happens with trees and seaweed. I suppose I must be very lucky to live in a world that has sooooo much love!

Anyway, there are lots of people here and some of them are quite small, although they may just be standing in holes, I've not really got close enough to them yet to have a really good look. Also I'm looking forward to seeing Ms.....whateverhernamewas and her it looks like it could be a very nice week indeed.

I do hope your Monday is going well, try to find time to count your legs and maybe wrap yourselves up in a great big bit of love as well.



PS Geraldine sends hugs : )

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