Saturday, 26 June 2010

Criminal Activity

'We shouldn't be here!' whispered Captain Bill.

'I know,' replied Norma,'and normally I wouldn't do this sort of thing...but needs must!'

'But we're breaking into the organisers tent!' said Captain Bill,'what are we going to say if we get caught?'

'We'll say we got lost and took a wrong turn,' replied Norma as she looked around.

'And just accidentally cut open the back of their tent and rifled through the entire contents of their private correspondence?' questioned Captain Bill.

'These things happen!' replied Norma,'but anyway we won't get caught. Annie and Bertha are outside and Cyril and Horace are on the flanks and Geraldine's got a little drum to bang if anyone gets too close.'

'I have to say, for an honest person you seem to have got this very well organised!' said Captain Bill.

'I employed a consultant,' replied Norma,'but don't worry, I've found what we came for.'

And she held up a recently opened letter.

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