Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Entertaining small people

'Hmmm,' said Norma,'where next?'

'Er?' replied Captain Bill,'over there?'

So they both wandered towards another large tent that was very much like the last large tent that they had looked in.

'So what's this all about again?' asked Captain Bill as they herded along.

'Well,' as far as I know,' replied Norma,'it's a sort of very large sports event for students and young people.'

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'And Camille's students are taking part so she invited us along to cheer them on,' added Norma.

'Excellent!' replied Captain Bill,'well that's the plot recapped if nothing else!'

And Norma agreed that it was.

'So what sort of events are there?' asked Captain Bill as they looked around the second tent for any sign of Camille and her little students.

'Well I don't know,' replied Norma,'all the normal ones I suppose. I expect there'll be cake eating and grass nibbling and things like that.'

Captain Bill stopped and looked at Norma.

'We've brought Cyril to a cake eating competition!?!'

'Hmm,' replied Norma,'perhaps I should have given that a bit more thought!'

And they both hurried out of the tent.

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