Friday, 18 June 2010


'On course spread betting?!?' mooed Captain Bill.

'Yep!' replied Cyril.

'At a children's athletics competition?'

'Well people have to make a living,' said Cyril.

'Is it legal?' asked Captain Bill.

It is at this one,' replied Cyril,'that's why it's so popular. Big money to be made if you get the right result. Particularly now that the favorites have failed to show.'

'You mean Ms Camille and her little students?' asked Norma.

'That's right,' replied Cyril,'the chap I spoke to said they were heavily fancied in several of the individual events AND for the team trophy.'

'Which means we're undoubtedly looking at a highly complex conspiracy!' said Bertha.

'Unless they just got on the wrong balloon.' suggested Captain Bill.

Everyone looked at Captain Bill.

'You're all going to look awfully foolish if I'm right!' he added.

Everyone agreed that they were willing to take the chance.

'So what next?' asked Horace.

'I think,' said Norma,'if we want to find out what's happened to Ms Camille and her little students, we need to have a closer look at some of the other teams!'

So that is what they did!

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