Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Going with the flow

'But we're going back the way we came!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Well I can't help that!' replied Norma.

'Are we going home then?' asked Annie.

'Not on purpose,' replied Norma.'But we have to go in the direction that the wind in blowing us.'

'Which direction is that exactly?' asked Captain Bill.

'I'm not really very sure,' replied Norma,' I think it's east and west.'

Captain Bill drew in a sharp breath.

'Well you know my opinion about that!' he said.

'But as I keep telling you,' replied Norma,'we can't do anything about it!'

'What if we all leaned to one side?' suggested Horace.

'We'd all fall out!' replied Norma.

'Couldn't we row for a while?' said Captain Bill.

'Look!' replied Norma,'we just have to sit tight and wait. We're perfectly safe and we've still got plenty of food and we're not in any danger....just so long as we.......'

(to be continued...which it always is but sometimes it adds to the sense of drama to say so)

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