Thursday, 17 June 2010

Looking the part

'So where next?' asked Bertha.

'Hmm,' replied Cyril,'let's try over there.'

And so together the two wandered towards a quieter area which was at the end of the main course.

'But we've been here before!' said Bertha.

'I know,' replied Cyril,'but I have my reasons.'

What reasons exactly?' asked Bertha.

'Him,' replied Cyril and with the briefest flick of his tail he indicated a man who was standing at the end of one of the tents.

'But he was there last time we were here,' said Bertha.

'And he's still here now!' replied Cyril,'which begs the question why?'

'So what do we do now?' asked Bertha.

' 'We' don't do anything,' replied Cyril,'I'll go over and talk to him on my own.'

'So what shall I do?' asked Bertha.

'I don't mind,' replied Cyril,'you can do whatever you like.'

'But I'm supposed to be helping you!' said Bertha.

'That's OK!' replied Cyril,'I don't need any help.'

'Then is there any chance that you could explain why you insisted on having me dress up in this ridiculous costume and walk around in it, in full public view, for the last 2 hours?' asked Bertha.

'Just thought you might enjoy it!' replied Cyril and then, despite his size, showed a turn of speed which easily allowed him to easily outpace the stampeding Bertha.

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