Saturday, 19 June 2010

Making athletics exciting...

'So which event is this?' asked Captain Bill.

'The 400m cold custard limbo relay,' replied Norma, 'but this is just a training session.'

'I...I don't think I've ever heard of that before!' said Captain Bill.

'It's not run very often,'replied Bertha,'it's getting a good custard supplier that's the stumbling block.'

'And the school?' asked Captain Bill.

'Spiffing School for the Wonderfully Athletic.' replied Norma,'they're favorites now that Ms Camille's team isn't here.'

'Right!' said Captain Bill. 'Well it comes as no surprise, they're a right shifty looking bunch! Obviously they're behind the whole scam!'

'Possibly?' replied Norma, 'but I have to say they just look like a nice group of well behaved children to me.'

'Rubbish!' mooed Captain Bill,'there's a clear criminal element to them.'

'Actually,' said Cyril who had just wandered up to the others,'this lot are legit! But I do think I've might have found the ones that you're looking for...this way please.'

And so, despite Captain Bill's protests, everyone followed Cyril.

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