Saturday, 12 June 2010

Making things official

'Well we've looked everywhere,' said Bertha.

'They'll turn up!' replied Captain Bill.

'But they haven't so far,' added Norma with more than a note of concern in her voice.

'Look,' said Captain Bill,'it's a big event, we might easily have missed them.'

'Hmm,' replied Norma,'I'm not so sure.'

'Stop worrying!' said Captain Bill,'you always worry too much. We'll find them. They're here somewhere!'

'No they're not!' mooed Annie.

Norma, Bertha and Captain Bill stopped talking to each other and looked at Annie, who was still experiencing a rather generous amount of bunting love.

'So you just happen to know that do you?' asked Captain Bill.

'Fact!' replied Annie.

'Really?' said Captain Bill.

And Annie nodded her head.

'And,' continued Captain Bill,'you're certain of this crystal clear piece of information because?'

'I asked someone!' replied Annie.

Captain Bill turned and looked at Norma.

'They're not here!' he said.....which made it official.

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