Thursday, 1 July 2010

News from a friend

Norma had called a meeting. So far it had gone exactly as she had expected. Cyril had poked Horace with a large stick. Horace had complained. Cyril had poked Horace with a smaller stick. Annie had tried to order two pairs of curtains and a dinning room table.

'If we could all settle down!' mooed Bertha.

'Thank you,' said Norma,'I've had replies to all of the telegrams that I sent out. I'm afraid it's not good reading.'

Geraldine used one of Cyril's sticks to point at the first one.

'Who's it from?' asked Captain Bill.

'George,' replied Norma.

'Weird George!' said Captain Bill.

'I prefer George,' replied Norma.

And then Bertha read it out aloud.

'Yer well yer erm hello STOP I never saw them STOP it just kind of turned up STOP right well erm OK erm bye STOP.'

'I see what you mean about it not being good reading,' said Captain Bill.

'He was talking about the snow making machine,' replied Norma,'I asked him if he knew where it had come from. Now just think back to all the snow that we had and how it almost ruined the Pickled Heifer.'

'Are you saying that was deliberate?' asked Captain Bill.

'To try to stop us getting off the island,' replied Norma.

'The pirate sheep must have known that Camille was going to invite us and that we'd become suspicious if we got here to find that they hadn't turned up,' added Cyril.

'So they tried to ruin our ship!' exclaimed Bertha.

'Exactly,' replied Norma,'and I'm afraid it gets even worse!'

And she drew their attention to the 2nd telegram.

And it did get worse.

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