Friday, 25 June 2010


'I'm just a bit unsure what to do next?' said Norma.

'Hope it all just gets better?' suggested Captain Bill.

'I think we need to be a bit more pro-active than that,' replied Norma,'I have asked Horace to make a note of everything we've seen so far.'

'Does he have to do it as a poem?' asked Captain Bill.

'He just works better that way,' replied Norma.

But at that very moment Bertha herded towards them.

'Major development!' she gasped.

'So the military are involved!' replied Captain Bill, but Norma just hit him.

'I've just spoken to the organisers,' continued Bertha,'they've had a letter from Camille saying that they're not very well and won't be coming.'

'See!' mooed Captain Bill,'I said there'd be a simple explanation!'

'Possibly,' replied Norma,'possibly not! But at least I know exactly what we need to do next!'

So they went off to do it.

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