Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Scouting for minimoos!

Morning all, your Captain speaking.

First chance we've had to have a chat since arriving. I was relieved just to have got us here in one piece!

Still no sign of Ms Camille and her troop. I suppose they'll be busy preparing themselves. I imagine that they'll get pretty excited when we turn up! I shall try not to involve myself too much with their athletic training. Perhaps just drop in the odd critical pointer now and again? I see myself more in the role of morale booster and semi official dignitary.

Apart from that there'll be the usual worries about the crew embarrassing themselves! I do hope Bertha doesn't get carried away with it all! Then there's Cyril.......and Annie......and Horace!

Right, better go and find where Norma's got to!

Take care

Captain Bill

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