Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A simple explanation

'Look,' said Norma,'for the last time. The tennis ball represents Ms Camille and her little students, the table tennis bat is the athletics competition and Annie's false beard is us!'

'So what's Geraldine?' asked Captain Bill.

'She's a Pengyming!' mooed Annie. 'A Pengymengymoo! A Pengywengymengymooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!'

'Did you have to that in my ear?' asked Captain Bill.

'Yes!' replied Annie,'I could do it again if you like, I'd be quite happy to.'

'No thanks!' replied Captain Bill.

'So do I need to go through it again?' asked Norma.

'Don't you normally have some sort of flip chart for these sort of explanations?' said Captain Bill.

'I didn't pack one,' replied Norma.

'Bit of an oversight!' suggested Captain Bill.

'It's because we were on a balloon,' replied Norma,'there's not as much room as there is on a ship!'

'Fare point!' replied Captain Bill.

'So,' said Norma,'moving things along. We now know from Annie and Horace's work that Mr Balloons was due to pick up Ms Camille but, when they arrived to do so, Camille and her little students had already left!'

'Booking mix up?' said Captain Bill.

'I don't think so!' replied Norma,'the whole thing is starting to look very dodgy.'

'And just how do we investigate 'dodgy'?' asked Captain Bill.

But Norma said she had just the bovine for the job.

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