Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sports poet?

'Wellllllllll,' said Norma,'I suppose you could always ask someone.'

'I know it's a bit late in the day,' replied Horace,'but I can't see how they could go ahead without one.'

Norma stopped and looked at Horace.

'Actually,' she said,'I think some sporting events do take place without an official poet...and besides they could already have appointed one!'

Horace looked crestfallen.

'Perhaps you could just freelance?' suggested Norma.

'And then sell to the highest bidder!' replied Horace.

'Possibly,' said Norma.

'There might even be a book in it,' continued Horace.

'Yes,' said Norma,'although I wouldn't get your hopes up too high and besides, for the moment, you're helping me to find Camille.....which we still don't seem to be managing to do!'

And indeed they hadn't despite having covered most of the tents and marques.

'Perhaps they've gone to a poetry reading?' said Horace.

And just for a moment Norma wished that Captain Bill would catch them up.

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Ren said...

Love the cows so much!