Tuesday, 15 June 2010

top secret agents

'Well he was a very nice man!' said Annie as she and Horace ambled along.

'Indeed!' replied Horace.

'He said my false beard was one of the best he'd ever seen,' continued Annie.

'And he liked my mustache,' added Horace.

'Did you twirl it?' asked Annie,'I never think a false mustache is a true false mustache unless you twirl it.'

'I did!' replied Horace,'and we found out some more about Ms Camille.'

'We've done very well!' replied Annie.

And for a while they ambled on.

'So what do you think has actually happened to Ms Camille and her little students?' asked Horace after a while.

Annie stopped and thought.

'On the whole,' she replied,'I'm leaning towards them having been eaten by giant killer giraffes.'

'Oh no!' exclaimed Horace,'don't say that, that's awful....almost nothing rhymes with giraffe!'

'How about a giant killer armchair?' asked Annie.

'That would be easier,' replied Horace,'you could use despair and care.'

'Then I think they been killed by a giant killer armchair,' said Annie.

'I'll get writing straight away,' replied Horace.

And they both ambled on.

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Ren said...

So cute! Love the cow tales.

I also have to say that all of your cows look like cute, rounded muffins. Makes me want to bite into them. OK, maybe that's weird? :-D