Monday, 21 June 2010

The Unusual Suspects

'Well they look alright to me!' said Captain Bill.

'Who are they?' asked Bertha.

'St Hopeless's School for the Athletically Uninterested,' replied Cyril.

'And this is the lot that you think are up to no good?' asked Norma.

'Look!' replied Cyril. 'If you want to make a lot of money you need long odds, that means everyone has to see you as an outsider.'

'And then you win?' suggested Norma.

'Exactly mon petite cake baking chum!' replied Cyril.

'So whoever diverted Camille must be working hoof in hoof mitten with this lot! exclaimed Bertha.

Cyril nodded. 'They can't have felt confident about beating Ms Camille's team but they expect to beat everyone else.'

So for a while everyone sat and watched the suspects.

'You know,' said Captain Bill,'now that I've had longer to look at them, there is something very suspicious about them.'

'What's that?' asked Norma.

'Well, they don't appear to have any legs! replied Captain Bill.

And everyone agreed that that was very suspicious!

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baahar said...

this is getting more curious by the minute :)