Thursday, 3 June 2010

Who? What? Where?

'....don't run into some very thick cloud!' concluded Norma.

'Who said that?' asked Captain Bill.

'I did!' said Norma.

'Who said 'who said that'?' asked Cyril.

'Don't start,' replied Norma.

'Can anybody actually see anything?' asked Bertha.

'No!' said everyone else.

'Tricky!' said Captain Bill.

'I've found a lumpy bit!' mooed Annie.

'We could fall out you know!' replied Cyril.

'I don't think that anybody should try falling out of a balloon,' said Norma.

And for a while everyone sat very still.

'Perhaps it'll clear soon?' suggested Horace.

'Possibly,' replied Norma.

But it didn't.

'Right,' called out Bertha,'make way, I'm coming down!'

Which is exactly what she did!

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