Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The worrying of Captain Bill

'You're joking!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'No,' replied Bertha,'Cyril's convinced of it and just for once I'm in full agreement with him.'

Captain Bill very nervously popped his head above the bush that he and Bertha were hiding behind.

'But they look so.....humanlike!'

'There's no denying that it's a masterpiece of disguise,' replied Bertha,' but it does help to account for the lack of legs...and the shortness of the grass!'

Captain Bill pulled his head back down and very slightly edged himself back down the hill a bit.

'Right,' he said,' strikes me that if we're going to take them on, then we'll need to have some really good quality rope to be able to tie them up I've got some, but it's back on Cow the sooner I leave the sooner I can be back.'

Bertha gave Captain Bill a 'look'.

'What's that for?' he asked,'I'll be as quick as I can! A month, maybe two!'

And he tried to move off, only to find that he couldn't...because Bertha was sitting on his tail.

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