Thursday, 15 July 2010

All together now

'Could you just? Look, no! Just let go! Let go! I said LET GO!' shouted Captain Bill.

'I thought this might happen!' called out Cyril.

'It's hopeless!' exclaimed Captain Bill,'37 of us all trying to hang onto 1 pole!'

'It's the flocking instinct!' replied Cyril,'they only just managed to suppress it in practice but once the pressure's on they just can't stop themselves from doing everything together!'

'But the whole idea is that 1 of us flies effortlessly through the air,' puffed Captain Bill,'we've been around the field 3 times already and so far the only 1 that's taken off wasn't actually attached to the pole!'

'Sorry about that!' replied Cyril,'but he was starting to annoy me!'

'I don't suppose they'll miss 1!' conceded Captain Bill,'and anyway he set a new record for the 100m!'

'They've even delayed the medal ceremony until they get him out of the tree,' replied Cyril.

And then, for the 4th time, they started off around the field.

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