Friday, 2 July 2010

And another thing....

Geraldine pointed at the 2nd telegram.

'Who's it from?' asked Captain Bill.

'Queen Phoebe,' replied Norma.

'And you expect me to read it?' asked Captain Bill.

But before Norma could reply Bertha pushed past and read it out.

'Dear all STOP his little crowness STOP isn't he lovely STOP didn't send no letter complaining about you STOP coming as quick as I can STOP PS try to keep it out of the press STOP.'

Captain Bill stared wide eyed at Norma.

'So King Otto didn't complain about us hitting his harbour wall!' said Bertha.

'Exactly!' replied Norma.

'I KNEW IT!' mooed Captain Bill,'I knew it! I knew that complaint was just made up! Those pirate sheep must have just hired a bunch of rubbish, no good actors to pretend to be Captain Inspectors so that they could try to keep me off the high seas. They never really had me fooled! Trying to create the impression that I didn't know what I was doing! I must have been to much of a threat to their plans!'

But at this point Norma indicated the final telegram...which Bertha proceeded to read out.

'No we are real inspectors STOP Captain Bill was rubbish STOP not sure he would ever pass STOP off for a drinkypoos STOP.'

'Well the sun was in my eyes!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Possibly,' replied Norma,'but it still means that we're restricted to travelling by balloon.'

'So what now?' asked Horace.

'Somehow,' replied Norma,'we've got to find out where they're holding Camille and her little students.'

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