Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Arrival of Her Maj

'Well,' said Queen Phoebe,'as soon as one read your telegram, one was straight down the docks to lend a hand in hoisting the sails!'

'It really is very kind of you to come so quickly,' replied Norma,'we're quite sure that they've kidnapped Ms Camille and her little students and are trying to illegally win large amounts of money in a betting scam.'

'Yes, but more to the point,' said Queen Phoebe, 'they wrote a letter pretending to be his little regalness. If that gets into the press it'll be pages 1 to 27 and a pull out colour supplement.'

And all the Cows agreed that it very probably would.

'So I say let's haul them in and break out the mint sauce pronto like,' said Queen Phoebe.

'You mean direct action?' mooed Bertha,'sounds like an excellent idea to me!'

'But hang on!' said Norma,'aren't we all missing the elephant in the room?'

'Hello!' trumpeted Norman.

'ELEPHANT!' screamed Annie, who stampeded across to Norman and ran up his trunk, across his back and down his tail.

Several times.

'If you break him you'll have to pay!' warned Queen Phoebe.

So Norman picked up Annie and placed her firmly on his back.

'The point is,' continued Norma, 'we daren't move against the pirate sheep who are here until we find out where they're holding Ms Camille.'

'Well then how do you propose we find out?' asked Queen Phoebe.

Which was when Norma outlined her plans.

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